Why use recycled timber

At Indian Reclamation we believe in the importance of environmental living and are guided by the culture re-claim, recycle &replant. All our products have been manufactured from sourced materials, which were once part of old Indian village doors, old wardrobes and pillars. These pieces of timber are usually taken from old wooden structures like barns, old houses, and some old abandoned warehouses and factories that have been demolished. Though most people think that the wood from these old building are not that strong anymore, they are actually quite fine for construction purposes; they are actually a lot stronger than new timber because they have been completely dried out, thus preventing the growth of mold.

Benefit of recycled wood is that they are eco-friendly. No more trees need to get cut down for you to use, you are just re-using the old ones that other people have discarded. If more people were to re-use timber, then the forests will have a chance to recover. Probably the best benefit that most people are not aware of is that most recycled timber are actually stronger than new lumber. To make new lumber harder and stronger, they are placed in a drying kiln to get rid of the moisture that is still inside the wood, but it cannot completely remove all of it. With recycled wood, you can be sure that the moisture content is practically zero because they have been drying for many years already, thus making them very hard and sturdy. Today we are very proud to say that we are contributing to sustainable community.